7 Reasons You Should Be Taking Cognitive Enhancers

1- Become a Productivity Machine

Nootropics (smart drugs/cognitive enhancers), are becoming much more popularized in places like college campuses & business hubs nationwide. What are nootropics & why should you be taking them? In a nutshell, nootropics are compounds or natural ingredients used to enhance your cognitive abilities like memory, focus, or mental clarity with little to no risks. Nootropic supplements like Aptitude can turn you from a groggy sloth to a productivity machine knocking out way more tasks in significantly less time!

2- Alertness Without the Crash

While many nootropic supplements contain caffeine, others like Aptitude are caffeine free which is great for a few reasons. First off it’s always smart to take products without caffeine so you can see if it really works, or if it’s just the caffeine buzz kicking in. Secondly because if you’re like most americans & refuse to give up your morning cup of coffee, you’re still able to consume caffeine without overdoing it, in fact it may even help to amplify the effects of Aptitude. Lastly you can take it daily without becoming dependent, building up a tolerance, or experiencing the dreaded midday crash.

3- Improved Mood

Studies show that happiness actually leads to increased overall productivity. Many nootropic ingredients like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola Rosea can reduce your cortisol levels & increase your dopamine release. Basically meaning you’ll have less stress & feel happier. Aptitude contains both of these, among other ingredients that improve your overall mood & we all know how much better life is when you’re in a good mood. Feel good, do good, right?

4- Work Becomes Enjoyable

When your neurons are bursting with life, work suddenly feels less like work. You know those days where you’re in the zone & nothing/no one can slow you down? Well thanks to nootropics like Aptitude you can feel like that every single day, say goodbye to hardcore stimulants & those copious amounts of caffeine before going into the office on miserable Monday’s. You’re about to be a proud workaholic.

5- Laser Focus & Awareness

Nootropics are most well-known for their ability to give you wild focus for long periods of time. With a million things going on in our lives at all times it can spin out of control pretty easily if you’re not focused. Focus is one of the most distinct benefits that Aptitude gives you. Just imagine complete mental clarity with an unreal level of smooth focus & clean awareness. Well thanks to nootropics this isn’t imagination, this is now your daily reality. Try not to be too surprised when you get your entire day’s task list done by noon.

6- Everything Becomes Enhanced

Do you remember the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper? Obviously there’s no ‘real life NZT’ out there, but Aptitude is one of the closest things to it. Their formula does far more than increase your focus, memory, & mental clarity. Imagine everything just slightly enhanced. Sharper vision, faster reflexes, better verbal fluency, enhanced mood, the list goes on and on. It may seem too good to be true but after a few days of taking Aptitude you’ll be convinced.

7- Prevent Brain Cell Degeneration

If nothing else, at least take nootropics for the long term benefits. They’re not simply to make you feel like a superstar every day. Many nootropic ingredients like Gingko Biloba have been shown to improve your long term memory, decrease cell degeneration, & even decrease your chances of getting diseases like Alzheimers down the road. Think of certain nootropics as Vitamin C for your ‘brains immune system’. Besides, we all know that prevention is better than treatment.

By now I’m sure you’re already googling more information on the fascinating idea of actually enhancing your brain power with nootropics, so as a thank you for reading this article here’s a little gift: visit eo-stax.com/products/aptitude and use coupon code: “limitless10” to receive 10% off your first order of Aptitude today.

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Biohack Pure Offers 5 Tips for Increasing Memory in 2014

More than 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, and about 1 in 3 seniors will die with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, according to Alz.org (source). These jaw-dropping figures have shocked many Americans into looking for ways to improve their brain function and, hopefully, help prevent these tragic age-related cognitive disorders. Jonathan Weisman, president of Biohack Pure, is making it his life’s work to help others achieve true cognitive enhancement. Now, he is sharing his 5 best tips for increasing memory in 2014.


  1. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning—Weisman’s first tip may catch many by surprise, but a recent study by a team at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland found that caffeine improves certain memories for at least a day after they were formed (source). “I’ve always believed that coffee makes you more alert and helps your brain better absorb and retain information. This new research seems to confirm it,” said Weisman.
  2. Read a book—It’s common knowledge that reading engages your brain, but Weisman pointed to new research that shows how reading can “improve the connections between brain circuits and help your brain operate at a higher level, not only when you’re reading but even after you’ve finished a book.”
  3. Train your brain—While Weisman noted that commercially available brain training programs have become increasingly popular in recent years, he said they weren’t necessary for getting a good mental workout. “You can train your brain for free, just by focusing on things like memorizing phone numbers or trying to remember your grocery list when you go to the store without relying on looking at it.”
  4. Go to bed—Weisman believes that rest is essential for brain health, and experts agree. Multiple Harvard studies have shown the connection between sleep and memory (source). In one 2010 study, researchers concluded that dreaming could help improve memory as it may force the brain to reactive and reorganize information that was recently learned. Another Harvard study found that napping could also provide a memory boost.
  5. Feed your brain—According to Weisman, supplementation is one of the most effective cognitive enhancement methods available. His company’s flagship product – Biohack Pure , which  was recently profiled on NootropicStack.net, contains a host of natural ingredients that Weisman said, “feed the brain and help increase memory in a safe, effective manner.”
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Which Pre-Workout Supplement is Safe?

  • Why use pre-workout supplements? The right pre-workout supplement can take your training to a whole new level. It can get your body and mind pumped up and in the zone so you can train longer and more effectively.
  • That’s why pre-workout supplements are actually among one of the hottest, fastest growing segments in the supplement industry today.
  • Athletes want to get the most out of their one or two hour training sessions, so they take supplements to provide their body and mind with the right nutrients to achieve peak performance.
  • A bad pre-workout supplement won’t just wreck your workout, it could cause serious damage to your health as well.
  • With that in mind, the question is which pre-workout supplement is safe?
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Wondering When to Take Vitamins and Supplements? Read This

  • If you want to get the maximum benefit from your vitamins and supplements, it’s important that you take them at the best possible time to increase your nutritional intake.
  • Believe it or not, timing does matter. So if you’re wondering when to take vitamins and supplements, you’ll want to ready this.
  • In general, it’s recommended that you try to take your vitamins and supplements in the morning, ideally with a small meal.
  • A lot of vitamins and supplements can cause nausea or other stomach disturbances if you take them on an empty stomach, so it’s best to have a little something in your belly when supplementing.
  • Experts suggest taking your supplements with a meal that contains a little bit of fat as it aids in absorption and reduces the risk of gastric irritation.
  • But what if you have a bunch of different daily supplements in your routine? Should you take them all at once in the morning?
  • While you can take all of your supplements at once, that can be tough to swallow and it might even prevent proper absorption. In the event that you have numerous different daily vitamins and supplements to take, you might consider splitting them up, taking a few with breakfast and the rest with lunch.
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Where Can I Buy Nootropics?

  • For the average person, figuring out where to buy nootropics that work, that are safe, and from a reputable retailer can be overwhelming.
  • While the field of nootropics is relatively new, it’s growing faster by the day. More and more, people from all walks of life are trying cognitive enhancement supplements in hopes of optimizing brain performance.
  • As evidence comes out that the top nootropic supplements actually do deliver measurable benefits, such as improved memory and increased focus, a growing number of people see smart drugs as legitimate supplements and not just a gimmick.
  • Of course, as nootropics gain popularity with the general population, an increasing number of brain supplements are hitting the market. At the same time, websites selling supplements are popping up in droves.
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How to Improve Brain Function with a Supplement

  • When the movie Limitless came out, everyone began wondering if it really was possible to take a pill that could supercharge your brain. Could you take a supplement to make you smarter and mentally superior? Or is that just a Hollywood fairy tale?

The answer might surprise you.

  • Believe it or not, it is possible to improve brain function with supplements. If you take the right supplements on a regular basis, you can improve your working memory, increase your focus, and optimize your brain to run faster and more efficiently.
  • There is, of course, a catch. The catch is that taking a pill won’t increase your IQ. So you won’t become a genius like Bradley Cooper did in Limitless. However, that doesn’t mean that brain supplements are a waste of time and money.
  • On the contrary, while a brain supplement won’t necessarily make you more intelligent, it will help you get more from your brain’s natural abilities.
  • You will be able to remember things more clearly, and you will be able to focus and absorb information better.
  • It’s all about taking the right supplements to feed your brain with the nutrients it needs to perform its best.
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What are the best nootropic stack in 2014 for boosting brain and confidence?

  • If you’re new to nootropics, the first question you have is: What are the best nootropics? After all, that’s what’s really important, right? Which nootropic is best? We all want to know what nootropics we should take to get the results we’re looking for.
  • The answer is more complicated than you might think. The simple truth is the best nootropic varies depending upon your individual needs and goals.
  • Here’s what you need to remember: There are all types of nootropics. Each individual nootropic drug offers different benefits. L-Tyrosine, for example, helps boost memory and mood. Alpha-GPC, on the other hand, can help you improve your focus and physical energy. Saying that one nootropic is better than the other is simply inaccurate and unfair. They each provide a different benefit.
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Cognitive Enhancers Really Works to increase brain capacity and being present of mind

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been looking for ways to increase our cognitive abilities. From chewing on various herbs to taking pills, we’ve tried just about everything to increase our brain function, and in recent years, we’ve made some remarkable strides in the field of cognitive enhancement. And while we’re not quite at the stage where we have a pill that can make you a genius, as shown in movies like Limitless and Lucy, we have discovered a variety of cognitive enhancers that can help achieve measurable improvements in a variety of areas, including memory, concentration, mental stamina, and more.

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How should we deal with cognitive-enhancing drugs to improve mindfulness and its role?

Cognitive enhancement is a buzz phrase that’s been thrown around a lot in recent years. You see it in magazines, hear it on commercials, and catch it in the headlines. Everywhere you look these days it’s “Cognitive enhancement this…” or “Cognitive enhancement that…” It’s a term that’s become a part of mainstream lexicon, but few people actually understand what it really means. That’s why today we’re simply going to answer the question, “What is cognitive enhancement?”

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What is a Nootropic Stack and What Nootropics Should I Take for Alertness and Motivation?

Without a doubt, the most common question anyone interested in nootropics has is: What nootropics should I take? While the answer differs for each individual, it’s often the case that a nootropic stack that contains multiple cognitive enhancers provides the best blend of ingredients and benefits for achieving the desired cognitive enhancement benefits.

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