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7 Reasons You Should Be Taking Cognitive Enhancers

1- Become a Productivity Machine

Nootropics (smart drugs/cognitive enhancers), are becoming much more popularized in places like college campuses & business hubs nationwide. What are nootropics & why should you be taking them? In a nutshell, nootropics are compounds or natural ingredients used to enhance your cognitive abilities like memory, focus, or mental clarity with little to no risks. Nootropic supplements like Aptitude can turn you from a groggy sloth to a productivity machine knocking out way more tasks in significantly less time!

2- Alertness Without the Crash

While many nootropic supplements contain caffeine, others like Aptitude are caffeine free which is great for a few reasons. First off it’s always smart to take products without caffeine so you can see if it really works, or if it’s just the caffeine buzz kicking in. Secondly because if you’re like most americans & refuse to give up your morning cup of coffee, you’re still able to consume caffeine without overdoing it, in fact it may even help to amplify the effects of Aptitude. Lastly you can take it daily without becoming dependent, building up a tolerance, or experiencing the dreaded midday crash.

3- Improved Mood

Studies show that happiness actually leads to increased overall productivity. Many nootropic ingredients like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola Rosea can reduce your cortisol levels & increase your dopamine release. Basically meaning you’ll have less stress & feel happier. Aptitude contains both of these, among other ingredients that improve your overall mood & we all know how much better life is when you’re in a good mood. Feel good, do good, right?

4- Work Becomes Enjoyable

When your neurons are bursting with life, work suddenly feels less like work. You know those days where you’re in the zone & nothing/no one can slow you down? Well thanks to nootropics like Aptitude you can feel like that every single day, say goodbye to hardcore stimulants & those copious amounts of caffeine before going into the office on miserable Monday’s. You’re about to be a proud workaholic.

5- Laser Focus & Awareness

Nootropics are most well-known for their ability to give you wild focus for long periods of time. With a million things going on in our lives at all times it can spin out of control pretty easily if you’re not focused. Focus is one of the most distinct benefits that Aptitude gives you. Just imagine complete mental clarity with an unreal level of smooth focus & clean awareness. Well thanks to nootropics this isn’t imagination, this is now your daily reality. Try not to be too surprised when you get your entire day’s task list done by noon.

6- Everything Becomes Enhanced

Do you remember the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper? Obviously there’s no ‘real life NZT’ out there, but Aptitude is one of the closest things to it. Their formula does far more than increase your focus, memory, & mental clarity. Imagine everything just slightly enhanced. Sharper vision, faster reflexes, better verbal fluency, enhanced mood, the list goes on and on. It may seem too good to be true but after a few days of taking Aptitude you’ll be convinced.

7- Prevent Brain Cell Degeneration

If nothing else, at least take nootropics for the long term benefits. They’re not simply to make you feel like a superstar every day. Many nootropic ingredients like Gingko Biloba have been shown to improve your long term memory, decrease cell degeneration, & even decrease your chances of getting diseases like Alzheimers down the road. Think of certain nootropics as Vitamin C for your ‘brains immune system’. Besides, we all know that prevention is better than treatment.

By now I’m sure you’re already googling more information on the fascinating idea of actually enhancing your brain power with nootropics, so as a thank you for reading this article here’s a little gift: visit and use coupon code: “limitless10” to receive 10% off your first order of Aptitude today.

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