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How Does Biohack Pure Compare Against Alpha Brain?

Biohack Pure is an all-new nootropic supplement that’s just hit the market this month. The cognitive enhancement supplement has been earning a lot of buzz as customers have been placing pre-orders and also taking advantage of the free sample packs the company is offering on its website at

Now, Biohack Pure has released a comparison chart detailing how its brain supplement stacks up against Alpha Brain, one of the top selling nootropic stacks in the world. Based on the information provided in the chart, Biohack Pure actually compares very favorably to Alpha Brain, featuring many of the same key active ingredients in similar levels.

Here are some of the chart’s findings:


  • Biohack Pure contains 75 mg of Serinaid (Phosphatidylserine) compared to 50 mg in Alpha Brain
  • Biohack Pure contains 6 mg of Vinpocetine compared to 5 mg in Alpha Brain.
  • Both supplements contain 100 mg of Alpha-GPC
  • Both supplements contain 300 mg of L-Tyrosine
  • Alpha Brain has 200 mg of L-Theanine compared to 150 mg in Biohack Pure


You can see the full comparison chart by clicking here.

Biohack Pure pre-orders are currently being shipped out to customers, and the supplement is slated to be released to the public within the next few weeks. It will be very interesting to see what customers think of the new cognitive enhancer.

What are your thoughts?


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