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Memory, Motivation, and Focus for College

Any student looking to do perform at their absolute best is going to need three things: a great memory, unflagging motivation, and a very strong focus. Unfortunately, the scholastic life can be as stressful as it is busy, and it can get hard to keep all three at top levels over the course of the semester. Hope isn’t lost, however.

Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” can boost brain efficiency in any number of ways. Fortunately for the academic-oriented, memory, motivation and focus are three of them. Here’s a look at three supplements which will go a long way towards optimizing them.

Piracetam is a great nootropic to start with – it’s been suggested that it helps all three areas. Piracetam is maybe most beneficial for its memory-boosting effects. Trials have revealed that it can increase the retention of short-term memories, as well as aid in long-term memory recall [1]. The apparently non-toxic piracetam accomplishes this by increasing membrane fluidity, though there are other mechanisms of action which aren’t understood.

The mystery of some of its exact functions might be behind the broad range of anecdotal benefits it’s cited as having. Users have reported decreased anxiety, increased focus, sharper thought process, and even-mood boosting properties. Since it’s extremely safe, it’s well worth supplementing. You get the clinically-cited memory boosts, not to mention you get to find out how it works with your particular brain.

Choline supplements pair ideally with piracetam. This is because piracetam uses up choline: too low on choline, and you end up with headaches, decreased cognition, and poorer memory. Healthy amounts of choline not only enhance the effects of piracetam, they also boost the brain’s production of acetylcholine [3]. This is important for healthy brain function. Not only that, but low levels of choline have been linked to anxiety [4].

Since you don’t tend to get enough in your diet, taking a choline supplement is a pretty attractive option. You boost your cognitive performance, enhance piracetam, and keep your mood stable all at once.

These two can be nicely rounded off with ALCAR, short for acetyl l-carnitine. Acetyl l-carnitine powder provides your body with a form of carnitine. These work by carrying certain fatty acids to your mitochondria where they’re burned as fuel (7). Your mitochondria are essentially the “energy factories” of your cells. So acetyl l-carnitine powder is like a fuel-boost: and the pay offs are wide-ranging.

On the nootropic side of the scale, it’s been shown to have a slew of benefits. Faster-learning, improved memory, verbal critical abilities, and constructional thinking have all shown to be enhanced by a dose of acetyl l-carnitine powder (8). And not only can it boost memory and cognitive efficiency — it even helps repair injuries! It also has neuroprotective affects, meaning it protects the brain from damaging effects which can reduce memory, mood, or focus.

A carefully balanced nootropic regimen can be as beneficial to mental health as diet can be to physical health. All of the substances here have well documented effects and are safe up to a broad range of doses. If you’re looking to take your scholastic game to the next level, the answer you’ve been looking for could easily be right here.





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Luke is a recent college graduate with a degree in communications. He’s an active, creative person, and is always exploring new ways to stay healthy and boost his productivity. Nootropics have interested him for years, and he’s both well read and hands-on familiar with how they can affect mood, memory, and creativity.

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