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New Study Finds Students Taking Nootropics to Improve Test Scores

I remember when I was in school I would have done just about anything to get better grades on my test (except cheating, of course!). I studied my butt off, but the information didn’t always stick the way I wanted it to. Especially during finals week when there were multiple exams to study for. Looking back, I wish I knew then what I know now. I have no doubt that nootropics could have helped me be a better student.

Now, a new study shows that Swiss students are catching on to the smart drug bandwagon. They’re taking various nootropics to improve their ability to retain and absorb information, and it’s helping them get better grades on their tests. The study shows that about 15% of Swiss university students are now taking smart drugs.

The study was performed by various researchers at the Universities of Zurich and Basel, and it found that students are admitting to taking all types of psychostimulants, from Ritalin to sedatives to enhance their brain function. Nootropic use typically peaks during exam periods (like midterms and finals weeks) as students desperately try to find the means to retain information for their tests.

Of course, the question everybody wants to know is: Are nootropics helping these students get better grades? According to a “narrow majority” of the students surveyed, the supplements “achieved the desired result.”

I think you would have seen even better results had these students been more committed to a long-term nootropic regimen, rather than just cramming them during exam time. Remember, it takes time (sometimes, it takes weeks) to truly see the maximum results from nootropics.

So, are there any students reading this right now who take nootropic smart drugs with the purpose of doing better in school? Share your experiences by commenting below!

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