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What are the Cognitive Enhancement Benefits of Phosphatidylserine?

A few months ago, we did a list rating what we believe are the best nootropics. One of the nootropics we included in that list was phosphatidylserine. Here’s what we had to say about this cognitive enhancer:


“This nutrient is naturally produced by the brain to reverse age-related mental decline. It has been shown to improve memory and concentration without any serious negative side effects by helping neurotransmitters communicate more effectively and reducing stress.”


Today, we want to talk about phosphatidylserine a little further. Phosphatidylserine is a fixture in most nootropic stacks, including in pre-made stacks like Alpha Brain and Biohack Pure.

The great thing about phosphatidylserine is that it provides both cognitive benefits and athletic benefits. Not only does it improve memory and concentration, but it has also been shown to improve thinking skills in young people. Furthermore, phosphatidylserine is commonly used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and depression.

In one 2010 study, 78 elderly people with mild cognitive impairment were split into groups: one took phosphatidylserine for six months, the other took a placebo. Those who took phosphatidylserine had significant memory improvement at the end of the test period.

Phosphatidylserine for Improved Athletic Performance

Biohackers love phosphatidylserine because it helps the mind and the body. Studies have found that this supplement could increase exercise capacity and improve athletic performance. Furthermore, it may also help decrease muscle soreness after a workout and prevent symptoms of overtraining.

When you combine the cognitive and physical benefits of phosphatidylserine, and it’s pretty clear that people of all ages and of all lifestyles could benefit from taking this nootropic in supplement form.

Have you taken phosphatidylserine? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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