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Wondering When to Take Vitamins and Supplements? Read This

  • If you want to get the maximum benefit from your vitamins and supplements, it’s important that you take them at the best possible time to increase your nutritional intake.
  • Believe it or not, timing does matter. So if you’re wondering when to take vitamins and supplements, you’ll want to ready this.
  • In general, it’s recommended that you try to take your vitamins and supplements in the morning, ideally with a small meal.
  • A lot of vitamins and supplements can cause nausea or other stomach disturbances if you take them on an empty stomach, so it’s best to have a little something in your belly when supplementing.
  • Experts suggest taking your supplements with a meal that contains a little bit of fat as it aids in absorption and reduces the risk of gastric irritation.
  • But what if you have a bunch of different daily supplements in your routine? Should you take them all at once in the morning?
  • While you can take all of your supplements at once, that can be tough to swallow and it might even prevent proper absorption. In the event that you have numerous different daily vitamins and supplements to take, you might consider splitting them up, taking a few with breakfast and the rest with lunch.

The Best Time to Take Cognitive Enhancement Drugs

  • Cognitive enhancement smart drugs (nootropics) are typically best taken in the morning. When you take your nootropic stack in the morning with breakfast, it can help awaken your mind for the day so you can feel alert, refreshed, and ready to dominate the day.
  • From executives to students to athletes, those who take cognitive enhancement smart drugs daily in the morning report feeling more productive throughout the day.
  • There is, however, one exception to this. You could also take your nootropic stack in the evening a couple of hours before bed to enjoy more restful sleep and even an elevated dream state.
  • Some have reported experiencing more vivid dreams when they take nootropics before bed.
  • While there are ideal times to take vitamins and supplements, at the end of the day what’s really most important is that you get into a routine that works for you.
  • If you can find a supplementing schedule you can stick to on a daily basis without forgetting and skipping days, then by all means, go with that. It’s all about consistency!

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